Henkhaus Family

The Mini Mafia Business was established in 2016 and has recently been purchased by John and Cassie Henkhaus of San Angelo, TX.  John and Cassie are excited about this new adventure and bringing you the latest information about Mini Hereford’s and Agriculture opportunities for you and your business.  Cassie stated, “This is an exploding industry with very little space to advertise and we look forward to helping breeders and businesses do just that while helping those interested find what they are looking for.”  The Mini Mafia Magazine is expected to be published twice a year and you can expect your first issue by early spring followed by a fall issue. The Mini Mafia Magazine will be following the Mini Hereford exhibitors and Breeders across the Country in 2020 to approved shows. The Mini Magazine will honor an award to one Heifer, Steer, Bull, and Breeder of the year from the show season that includes the Mini Hereford breed over the approved shows. The awards will be announced during the National Western Livestock show, 2021 in Denver, Co. In addition to these major shows, Mini Mafia Magazine will be also hosting a show in a central location that will be announced through social media, so make sure you are following Mini Mafia through Facebook for all the latest news.  


About the Family:

The Henkhaus Family are no strangers to the livestock industry but the fact is, it’s their passion. They want to help Breeders and Exhibitors excel in their programs and spread the word about the Mini Hereford Breed. John grew up in the show industry and pulled Cassie quickly into what would become a family affair after their marriage. Now for over a decade they have raised show goats together and eventually ventured into the Mini Hereford arena. Mallie and Preslie are the seven year old twin daughters of John and Cassie and they have made quite a splash in the show arena themselves, but more importantly have found their own passion for the industry.